Amaretto Ranch University
Course Name - Horse
Breeding and Pairing
Chasing Special Horses
Your horse as pets
Getting to know the breedable menu - Horse
Wiki and Horsehaven
Unpacking and basic settings
Horse G.P.S.
Horse Consumables
Sick Breedables horses
History of Amaretto Horses
Course Name - K-9
k-9 G.P.S.
Breeding and Pairing
Chasing Special K-9s
Getting to know the breedable menu - K-9
The K-9 HUD
K-9 Consumables
Wiki and Puppy Paradise
Your K-9s as pets
Unpack and basic settings
Sick Breedables K-9
History of Amaretto K-9
Course Name - Bird
Getting to know the breedable menu - Birds
Wiki and Bird Sanctuary
Amaretto G.P.S. - Birds
Consumables - Birds
Breeding, Companion and Incubating
Chasing Special Birds
Unpacking and Basic Settings - Birds
Sick Breedables - Birds
History of Amaretto Barnyard Bird
Course Name - Combo
Myth Busters
Beyond Secondlife
Protecting your investment
Updating your Breedables
The ticket system
Amaretto advertising and groups
How and where to buy Amaretto Products
Reasons to file a ticket COMBO
Course Name - Ponie
Global Ponie Synchronizer (GPS)
Ponie Pals Consumables
Breeding Your Ponies
Unpacking and Basic Settings Ponies
Getting to Know the Breedable Menu Ponie Pals
Sick Ponie Pals
Amaretto Ranch Breedables Wiki & Ponie Oasis